Gobble Gobble

Well, it’s October. The air here in Whistler seems a wee bit crisper this morning and there’s evidence of a dusting of snow on some of the higher peaks like Wedge and Mt. Currie.

As the days grow shorter I begin preparations for the coming winter and one of the first items on the agenda is an inventory of my snow sports equipment. Hard goods like skis and boards are examined and waxed. Soft goods like gloves and goggles are carefully checked for damage and usability. Slowly a list of “needs” and “wants” is created and my game plan is set in place to obtain the things I need for before opening day in mid-November. Thankfully my list is fairly short this year so the line of credit will get a much needed break before Christmas shopping begins somewhere around December 22nd.

For the things I do need, (this year goggles and boots seem to be near the top of the list) I will start with a visit to the Legendary Whistler Blackcomb Turkey Sale. The turkey sale always seems to remind me that winter is now very close and it’s time to start thinking about winter tires and face shots in the trees.

As the snowline creeps down the mountain over the next month, there will be plenty of newcomers in town filled with eager anticipation. It’s always nice to see a new batch of excited faces and hopefully if everything goes as planned, the deepest winter ever is just around the corner.